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by | Jan 13, 2022

Chasing Clients Isn’t A Viable Business Strategy

In theory, if you want a new client, all you need to do is make your case and ask for the business, again and again and again. Does that approach work? Well…sort of. Ask enough people and eventually, someone will say “yes.” But in the process, you run yourself ragged.

The time and energy you spend chasing clients could go toward improving other areas of your business. Worse, you end up on a demoralizing “feast or famine” rollercoaster — constantly in flux — where business is either booming or business is a bust.

Episode Highlights:

[00:02:21] Chasing clients isn't a viable long term business strategy

[00:03:26] Systemizing lead generation and paid advertising across multiple channels

[00:05:42] Paid advertising on Facebook VS LinkedIn

[00:07:19] Generate leads, drive conversions with LinkedIn

[00:08:59] Drive the leads from Facebook to LinkedIn

Value Bombs:

  1. The choice is yours: Whether you keep doing the same things or you evolve. —Mark Firth
  2. Start working on whatever works best for your business. —Mark Firth
  3. The effectiveness of your message will have a profound impact on your ability to sell, influence, or inform.  —Mark Firth


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